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Friday, November 20, 2009

Toronto the Good to finance global green revolution

Alright kids, here's the scoop: Toronto Ontario is about to become the worldwide leader in financing and taking public junior clean power technology companies. Our province has experienced a dreadful energy policy in the past, relying on the twin towers of toxicity, coal and uranium, to power relentless growth and massive wasting of electricity.

The current government has made strides in recent months to understand the high growth nature of our industry, and what is required for Ontario to become and stay a player. Net metering and feed-in tariffs go a long way towards establishing a foundation to support two decades of employment growth.

The next step is cannibalizing these ancient communist-style generating plants (Pickering was built in the 60s using 50s technology, while Darlington was built in the 70s utilizing 60s tech, to say nothing of Bruce and the coal burners) by replacing them with green, renewable power.

Toronto shops will finance and the TSX will list companies operating in these sectors and more:

windpower incl land-based, offshore, micro
biogas / biomass / biofuels
photovoltaic solar
energy efficiency
smart grid technology
electric vehicles
wave energy / tidal power

Smart Bay Street research departments will train a team of analysts and assistants to live within this industry, uncovering gems in Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia and all over the world.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 Greenest Blue Chips: Major Clean Energy Stocks

Here are some large capitalization green energy stocks to consider researching. A mutual fund owning some of these names may be good for a longterm investor to dollar cost average into.

10 Best Global Alternative Energy Stocks:

General Electric Co GE 16.00 170.03B


Applied Materials AMAT 13.35 17.81B


Sharp Corporation (ADR) SHCAY 11.52* 12.68B

First Solar Inc. FSLR 140.10 11.86B

Calpine Corporation CPN 12.59 5.57B

SANYO Electric Co... SANYY 13.50* 5.01B

MEMC Electronic... WFR 17.39 3.89B

Ormat Technologies Inc. ORA 39.15 1.78B

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Green Energy Stocks: Psychology WILL CHANGE as 52 Week High List gets crowded

The strength in gold offers some comfort, as solar power and wind energy stocks have traded perilously leveraged off the price of crude oil. With oil at 70 and gold above 1,000, fears of US-spending induced inflation may provide a rally to 90 and another leg in the clean technology power market. Still, don't be surprised if oil then retreats to 40 in 2010 before quadrupling again during the twenty-teenies.

Here are some stocks with one year charts that look like they will soon show up on 52 week high lists:

Rosetta Resources ROSE (Natural Gas)

Yingli Green Energy ADR YGE (PV Solar)

Trina Solar Limited ADR TSL (PV Solar)

Ormat Technologies Inc ORA (Geothermal Power)

MEMC Electronic Materials WFR (PV Solar)

China GreenTech Initiative forecasts $1 Trillion Annual Market

A report out of Shanghai by the China GreenTech Initiative (a group of more than 80 technology companies, NGOs and policy advisors) estimates that the Chinese market for environmental products and services will reach $500 billion to $1 trillion.

The China Greentech Initiative has released its first report on the potential of the green technology market in China, The China Greentech Report 2009, at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2009 in Dalian, China.

This Report is the initial offering of the China Greentech Initiative, an open source commercial collaboration of over 80 of the world's leading technology companies, services firms, entrepreneurs, investors, NGOs and policy advisors, united to contribute to a sustainable China and world. Editing down from several hundred proposals, the China GreenTech Report 2009 examines 125 greentech solutions, both existing and emerging, across seven sectors to provide a view of each solution's potential environmental impact as well as commercialization opportunities. The Report is the culmination of a research process led by a 30-person team that includes significant contributions from hundreds of industry experts.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

20 Best Green Energy Stocks List, by Market Capitalization

Here are some of the leading USA and global clean power technology developers and manufacturers.

20 Best Green Power Stocks
Ranked by Market Capitalization

(Market Cap as of September 4th, 2009)

Applied Materials AMAT 17.94B

Sharp Corp SHCAY 12.71B

First Solar FSLR 10.28B

Sanyo Electric SANYY 4.90B

MEMC Electronic WFR 3.71B

SunPower Corp SPWRA 2.52B

SolarWorld AG ADR SPWRY 2.37B

Itron Inc ITRI 2.32B

Suntech Power STP 2.31B

Ormat Technologies ORA 1.62B

Yingli Green Energy YGE 1.51B

American Superconductor AMSC 1.37B

LDK Solar LDK 1.01B

Trina Solar TSL 782M

GT Solar Intl SOLR 744M

Broadwind Energy BWEN 738M


Clean Energy Fuels CLNE 728M

EnerNoc ENOC 593M

JA Solar JASO 591M

Canadian Solar CSIQ 532M

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