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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 Greenest Blue Chips: Major Clean Energy Stocks

Here are some large capitalization green energy stocks to consider researching. A mutual fund owning some of these names may be good for a longterm investor to dollar cost average into.

10 Best Global Alternative Energy Stocks:

General Electric Co GE 16.00 170.03B


Applied Materials AMAT 13.35 17.81B


Sharp Corporation (ADR) SHCAY 11.52* 12.68B

First Solar Inc. FSLR 140.10 11.86B

Calpine Corporation CPN 12.59 5.57B

SANYO Electric Co... SANYY 13.50* 5.01B

MEMC Electronic... WFR 17.39 3.89B

Ormat Technologies Inc. ORA 39.15 1.78B

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Seenath Kumar said...

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alisa said...

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ethanparker said...

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Zaidin Butt said...

This blog clearly shows why to investing in clean energy stocks. This is fastest growing sector. Thanks for sharing informative blog post.

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