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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

7 Green Energy Stocks for the Obama Rally

Clean Power Stocks set to lead 2009-2010 Bull Market

Investing in individual equity securities is for high risk long term investors. Medium risk longterm investors would be wise to begin dollar cost averaging programs to accumulate positions in well run investment funds holding renewable power companies such as these featured below.

Here are seven alternative energy stocks worth researching:

(Prices quoted are at close of 16dec08)

SUZLON - 532667

57.95 IR / 1.84B US$

The Indian wind power giant was hit hardest by the global stock collapse, but it's a solid company that earns lots of foreign currency and it's returning to favour among investors in India and around the world.

American Superconductor - AMSC

15.74 / 681.17M

Emerging energy technology powerhouse specializes in programmable power electronic converters and high-temperature superconductor wires (HTS).

Ormat Technologies - ORA

31.01 / 1.41B

Leading global geothermal developer is the gold standard and ORA has plenty of growth opportunities to keep them busy for years.

LDK Solar - LDK

13.25 / 1.50B

Manufactures multicrystalline solar wafers and sells them to major industry customers such as Q-CELLS.

SunPower Corp - SPWRA

32.25 / 2.77B

Based in San Jose, California, this vertically integrated solar power company should benefit hugely from the recent 8 year extension of the USA solar tax credit.

5N Plus - VNP

4.20 / 191.10M

Supplies cadmium telluride to world leading thin film solar energy company First Solar (FSLR).

GT Solar Intl - SOLR

3.00 / 428.59M

Provides turmkey manufacturing equipment and systems to photovoltaic solar energy companies.

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