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Friday, April 10, 2009

Post-Bush Rally in Equities sees green stocks UP BIG: FCEL, SOLR, SPWRA

Thursday April 09th 2009 was another stellar day in this new green energy stocks bull market. Here are some clean power companies that delivered yesterday:

A-Power Energy Generation APWR 5.79 +1.32 (29.53%) 189.37M

FuelCell Energy Inc FCEL 2.97 +0.35 (13.36%) 204.98M

GT Solar International SOLR 6.97 +0.82 (13.33%) 995.78M

SunPower Corp SPWRA 26.04 +2.64 (11.28%) 2.24B

Yingli Green Energy YGE 7.31 +0.73 (11.09%) 927.81M

Ener1 Inc HEV 5.75 +0.56 (10.79%) 652.48M

Ballard Power Systems BLD 2.59* +0.21 (8.82%) 212.70M

JA Solar Holdings JASO 3.43 +0.27 (8.54%) 575.86M

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