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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Bog Mo'; 8 Green Energy Stocks show sparks of momentum

When we are further along in this rally, and particularly 6 to 9 months from now when the old 52 week highs will be falling daily, many companies will be on the new high list. Some pioneers will make it well before then, and will streak to new highs in the winter of 2009. One place to look for these is in stocks that have resisted downside volatility in recent days and begun to establish a nascent uptrend. It's far too early to come up with any comprehensive list or rankings, but here are some alternative energy stocks with momentum in early November 2008.

To me it seems there are people accumulating these shares, which is the reason they are able to avoid the fluctuations based on news and commodity prices; the company's "internal story" has come into view, and certain investors are taking notice.

Green Energy Shares with Price Momentum


5.18cdn   235.69M

5N Plus is a major supplier of Cadmium telluride to First Solar (FSLR); the shares were as low as 3.50 but have recovered nicely.

Clipper is both a wind turbine manufacturer and wind farm developer and is the UK's biggest wind energy industry company. The stock has bounced sharply from a low of 149.75.
22.01   3.40B

Waste to Energy pioneer has steady revenue growth.

LDK Solar Co

19.78   2.11B

Produces and sells multicrystalline solar wafers to major customers including Q-Cells. Shares up over 50% from the bottom at unlucky 13.

Ormat Tech is the top geothermal energy company; the shares have rebounded from a low of 21.83.

6.97   472.8M

At the $7 level, the shares are up sharply from the low of 4.33. The firm is a play on the industry as the major customers for their solar wafers are JA Solar, Solarfun, Suntech Power. Will silicon be eclipsed by thin-film or will each find its niche in an ever-growing market? Even though this stock is up over 50% from its lows, the previous high was north of 29.  

9.48   165.52M

Portable, Standby and Uninterruptible power systems for communications, defence and other industies. The stock has risen from panic days selling bottom of 5.07, and even now trades at a PE of only 9.29.



Natural gas vehicle engine manufacturer posting great numbers. Stock bottomed at 4.08 but since then people are remembering why they own this thing.

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