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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

10 Small Cap and Microcap Green Energy Stocks

Here are some clean power companies with shares trading under $5 or under $500 million in market capitalization at today's close.

Name ----- Symbol Close (05NOV08) Change Market Cap

Photovoltaic Solar

Evergreen Solar Inc ESLR 4.39 -0.90 (-17.01%) 723.43M

Solarfun Power Holdings SOLF 7.57 -1.38 (-15.42%) 366.32M

Trina Solar (ADR) TSL 11.92 -2.46 (-17.11%) 305.22M

5N Plus Inc. VNP 5.50* -0.20 (-3.51%) 250.25M

China Sunergy (ADR) CSUN 4.44 -0.96 (-17.78%) 175.90M

Wind Energy

Canadian Hydro Developers KHD 3.08* -0.16 (-4.94%) 453.42M

Clipper Windpower CWP 260.26* +8.76 (3.48%) 337.77M

Western Wind Energy WND 1.25* +0.21 (20.19%) 45.69M

Geothermal Power

Raser Technologies RZ 5.03 -0.23 (-4.37%) 296.32M

U.S. Geothermal Inc. HTM 0.850* -0.150 (-14.98%) 53.35M

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