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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pennies from Heaven; Green Energy Small Caps and Microcaps

Pricing close of Nov 22/08.

Renewable Power Small Capitalization Stocks

Less than $3 share and/or under $400 mil in market cap

Yingli Green Energy YGE $2.89 / 367 mil

GT Solar SOLR $2.49 / 356 mil

JA Solar JASO $2.10 / 353 mil

Clipper Windpower CWP 200p / 260mil

Clean Energy Fuels CLNE $4.01 / 201 mil

Clean Green Energy Microcap Stocks

Less than #3 share and/or between $60 mil and $199 mil in market cap

Fuel Cell Energy FCEL $2.62 180 mil

Trina Solar TSL $6.36 / 163 mil

Ultralife Corp ULBI $9.15 / 160 mil

Solarfun Power SOLF $3.25 / 157 mil

Rene Sola SOL $2.35 / 159 mil

Canadian Solar CSIQ $4.06 / 145 mil

Westport Innovations WPT $4.01 / 131 mil

Advanced Battery Tech ABAT $1.34 / 73 mil

China Sun Energy CSUN $1.51 / 60 mil

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