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Friday, October 10, 2008

Green Energy Stocks for a Year End Rally

As the ancient Chinese proverb says, "May you live in interesting times..."

Or my fave: A man may stand still in a flowing river, but not in a world of men

Here are some green energy stocks that may participate in a year end rally, and may be suitable investments for higher risk, lobg-term investors with a time horizon of ten years or more. Consult with your financial advisor, or if you must do things on your own, dollar-cost-average steadily into green energy mutual funds and green power exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Anyways, a few renewable power companies, and how fall their shares have fallen (as of 10OCT08):

Down from a high of > $27, at $6.43 you get a major Chinese solar power company with strong revenue growth. Also one of the top contenders internationally.

It's utterly shocking to see this quality global wind energy industry leader trading at 93.65, down 20 on the day and off from a year high of 317. For those who like to own the best companies, this is one you must research.

What Vestas is to wind power and First Solar is to photovoltaic energy, Ormat is to the emerging geothermal power industry. An American technology leader.

If you like to be ahead of the curve and want to own some of the stock market's top performers in 2009, research ORA and other geothermal energy companies such as Raser Tech, Western Geo, Nevada Geo, and US Geothermal. The shares were as high as 57.93 earlier this year but could be bought today for 24.09, with a PE of just over 21.

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