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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Windpower stocks, green energy funds as longterm investments

Here are some major wind energy industry companies with publicly-traded stocks, suitable for consideration by higher-risk longterm investors. Medium risk longterm investors may want to consider accumulating positions in green energy stock funds and other diversified renewable power investments, such as ETFs that track clean energy company indices.

Wind Power Company Stocks

Suzlon Energy Limited (BOM:532667)

One of my favourite companies on the planet, Suzlon is a top tier wind power firm, and with the shares at 93.60 R (down from 321), the top wind energy company in Asia is available at just 12.2 times earnings.


The top wind power company in the world, VWS has over 30% market share and can charge a premium for its reliable products. With the shares at 325 DKK, down from 700, longterm investors may want to research this one. One of the greatest companies on earth, at 27.6x earnings; look for VWS to continue to be a global wind energy industry leader for years to come.


Top UK wind turbine manufacturer and windfarm developer, one would hope that Clipper will be a major force in the UK energy industry for decades to come. Battered by the global credit markets panic, the stock has nosedived from 753.80 p to today's (16oct08) close of 165 p. Though the company has posted rising losses, revenues are growing even faster, and Clipper will likely come to be seen as a solid turnaround candidate, a quality UK growth company, and a bargain green energy stock.

Kaydon Corporation (NYSE:KDN)

KDN is a major supplier of bearings to the wind power industry, and sells its products to customers in a variety of robotics technology, medical instruments, materials handling, machine tools, aerospace, defense, alternative energy, security, electronic industries and for other industrial applications. Kaydon has been volatile in recent days, trading between 32 and 40 and closing today at 35.77, still far from the years high of 61.57. The shares yield 1.9% and trade at a PE of 14.89, and though not a pure renewable power play, represents attractive exposure to wind energy industry growth.

American Superconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:AMSC)

The good news keeps coming for American Superconductor, who won another wind energy contract this week, with AMSC licensing its windpower technology to Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea. At 14.96, the shares are way off frpom their high of 47.53.

Canadian Hydro Developers (TSE:KHD)

KDN is a major player in Canadian wind enegy and small-scale hydropower, and at 3.05, the stock is down from a high of 8.01. A growing renewable power company with earnings and rising revenues.

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