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Saturday, October 25, 2008

6 Green Energy Funds positioned for longer term growth

Though clean energy shares have been dropping like they were heavy oil exploration companies during recent weeks, and major signs of capitulation were exhibited over the past few days, somebody with a longer-term perspective should at least consider a dollar cost averaging program. Anybody who set up one of these plans in recent weeks is considered brave, yet isn't she also more prudent than someone who would begin such a plan after the market had risen to multi-year highs? They'll both do alright eventually, but the lady who buys on the cheap gets more value and a quicker start on her retirement fund, on average.

Here are some green energy and environmental funds, with their recent close (24OCT08) if available.

Green Power Funds, Clean Energy ETFs, Environmental Mutual Funds

First Trust Global Wind Energy (FAN)

Closed at 10.90, down from 31.50; designed to track the performance of ISE Global Wind Energy Index.

Guinness Atkinson Alternative (GAAEX) Energy

Invests in alternative energy and clean power technology sectors. At 5.32, the shares off from a high around $17.

PowerShares Global Clean Energy (PBD) Portfolio

PowerShares Global Clean Energy Portfolio is designed to track the performance of the WilderHill New Energy Global Innovation Index. Focuses on greener and generally renewable sources of energy and clean energy technologies. At 11.14, down from 38.10.

PowerShares Global Wind Energy (PWND) Portfolio

Diversified Wind Power Fund down more than 67% from the year high, at 9.34 one would think most of the bad news is in or overstated.

Winslow Green Growth (WGGFX) Fund

At 8.67, the fund is way off its high and recently held big positions in FSLR, WFI plus a range of environmentally responsible companies like Green Mountain Coffee, SurModics and LSB Industries. A good USA small to mid cap growth fund opportunity.

Acuity Clean Environment Equity Fund

Recently held positions in 5N Plus, Canadian Hydro and other clean energy and environmentally responsible companies. Down by half to $10.04, invests in Canadian stocks wich fit the Fund's environmental concept of sustainable development.

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