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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Investing Bargain of the Decade; Clean Energy Mutual Funds

The slide in oil prices combined with the downside volatility of the stock market in recent weeks has created an extraordinary investment opportunity for long term investors: clean green power funds, renewable energy investment funds, exchange-traded alternative energy funds and other diversified green stock funds. Due to energy security and global warming concerns, these stocks will be in big demand over the next five years, and it is much safer to buy a widely diversified stock fund, even a sector fund, than it is to buy individual stocks. 

A single company's share price may be down because the firm is in trouble and the shares are on their way to zero, but green mutual funds and clean energy closed-end funds are down because of market and sector comnditions, and over time will reflect the longer term potential of the sector and economy at large. With many clean power funds down 30% to 40% now is the time for aggressive investors to buy, and for medium risk investors to begin dollar-cost averavging into these alternative enrgy funds.

Here are a few green energy funds to consider:

CGAEX at 12.26 is off 35% from its previous year high.

International solar energy index fund down about 35% from the high.

Tracks performance of ISE Global Wind Energy Index; down 39%.

Index fund tracks USA green energy stocks; off 42%.

Down over 40% from the one year high.

Down 34%; formerly Van Eck Fund

Off 34% from its high.

Year's high was 38.02; recently closed at 26.70.

Diversified Wind Power Fund off 40% from the year's high.

Down over 45% from the 52-week high.

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